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Smart Biomaterials


BLU3’s Smart Biomaterials made with macroalgae can transform multiple industries by offering nature-based sustainable products.

We are focused on three primary markets.
BLU3 is developing green cement, sustainable packaging, and wearable textiles.

Green Cement

Cement manufacturing is one of the world’s largest industrial sources of CO2 emissions. The development of green cement using macroalgae biomaterials can significantly reduce this carbon footprint. The process involves sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and incorporating it into the cement matrix, resulting in a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly product.
Macroalgae-infused green cement not only reduces CO2 emissions, but it’s also more resilient and potentially self-healing. Macroalgae can continue to mineralize in response to cracks or damage, improving the material’s longevity.

Sustainable Packaging

Plastic pollution is a significant environmental problem, and sustainable packaging solutions are urgently needed. We develop macroalgae into smart biomaterials that replace traditional plastics. 
Our biomaterials are biodegradable, compostable and eco-friendly. Since macroalgae absorb CO2 as they grow, the production of algal bioplastics can actually help to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Wearable Textiles

Macroalgae-based textiles are another exciting development. These are being created by extracting the cellulose from macroalgae and spinning this into fibers. These fibers can then be woven into textiles. Macroalgae-based textiles have the potential to be entirely sustainable, as macroalgae require little more than sunlight and CO2 to grow, and the extraction and spinning processes can be designed to be low-energy and low-waste.

BLU3’s Smart Biomaterials from macroalgae offer a multitude of exciting possibilities in the market.

Not only do these materials contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, but they also provide innovative solutions to some of the most pressing environmental problems. Our research and development shows that our products hold great promise for the future.